Service worldwide: start-up, offer and supply maintenance, consulting and optimisation

The business segment services provides all activities, necessary for a successful start-up and a smooth operation of a fan installation. This includes the provision, supply, and installation of spare parts – even for fans of other manufacturers.

Services mean too to offer and supply maintenance, consulting, and optimisation on existing installations. Individually shaped maintenance schedules and contracts or those prepared according to EN 12101 for smoke and hot gas exhaust will provide substantial benefits to the unit operator.

Information and advice concerning most recent technologies and developments in order to modernise existing installations and thus increasing power and cost efficiency are part of the activities offered  by this business segment.

Proposals for a possible optimisation of existing installations:

  • Set up of ventilation installations
  • Vibration and sound analysis
  • Frequency analysis
  • Bearing status analysis and monitoring
  • Flow rate measurements
  • Active power measurements
  • Differential pressure measurements
  • Rpm measurements
  • Alignment of coupling drives with laser unit
  • Balancing of all rotational machinery on site
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