An important development tool in DLK Ventilatoren GmbH is available with CFD simulation. With this methods the basic equations of fluid dynamics, the so-called Navier-Stokes-Equations are calculated numerically. The visualisation of the results supplies detailed information about the behaviour of the fluid.

CFD simulation is applied for various applications, beginning with aero-dynamical optimisation of single fan parts (blade geometry, guide vanes, casing shape, etc.), fto pre-calculation of aero-dynamic curves and to the analysis of a car park ventilation systems. Furthermore, the use of CFD is enormously increasing the flexibility of the solution concepts for non-standardised project works.

The aero dynamical relevant components can be optimal adapted to the aerodynamic characteristic and therefore the degree of efficiency can be optimized with the aid of the simulation results.

In the development stage of new products, the simulation of aero dynamical curves allows statements about the performance data of the fan already in early stages of the development and therewith ensuring an efficient development.  

We are able to evaluate the project specific positions of the jet fans as well as ensuring an effective smoke extraction in the event of an fire by the use of CFD for the design of car park ventilation systems.

Velocity pattern for a car park ventilation and illustration of the smoke gas concentration.

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