Bearing condition monitoring system for all fans

Combined measurement and evaluation of:
1. Vibration acceleration using defined bearing frequencies
2. Bearing Temperature Analysing all 3 parameters enables comprehensive and reliable assessment of the bearing conditions.

The BeaWatch® Advanced system comprises of the following components per fan, a vibration sensor mounted on the motor, temperature sensors at both bearings and a control unit for direct mounting on the fan or at another location in the building.
Depending on the number of fans to be monitored and evaluation of the possibilities on site, multiple system versions are available.


  • IP 67, suitable for outdoor use
  • Temperature range 20 ... +50 °
  • MODBUS RS485 port (optional), Max. 247 control units, to 400 m of cable for direct connection to the control center
  • Power supply 230 VAC 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Power consumption 5W
BeaWatch Systemvariant
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