Taylor made control systems for control and monitoring car park ventilation systems


A state of the art control system is essential for car park ventilation systems. Tayloring the system controls ensures a correct functioning as well as optimal performance. The individual tuning of the system ensures that requirements regarding performance, energy- and cost efficiency are precisely met.
The control functions are stored in a controller that constantly interprets the state and signals from all system components.

The controller is preset to determine what functions are required and controls the ventilation system accordingly.
Preseting the controller enables optimum safety during situations where effective ventilation is required.

The system is tuned to ensure low pollution levels in fresh air ventilation mode, whilst obtaining the most energy effective running mode of the fans. This usually includes switching and speed control of individual fans.
If smoke extraction functionality is required, a smoke detection system must be incorporated.
The system is switched to an optimal state of ventilation when the smoke detection system is activated. Several different states are possible, depending on the size and layout of the car park and ventilation system.
The system is set to assist safe evacuation of persons during fire and to assist fire fighting by directing the flow of smoke to predetermined routes.

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