Drives and Monitoring

The product segment drives and monitoring deals with products related to the areas of efficiency, safety and cost of ownership


  • For us, this topic mainly contains electric motors and frequency converters.
  • These are essential components of our fans.
  • Drives have a significant impact on the efficiency of the fan and finally on the plant.
  • For this purpose motors are needed which are in accordance with the highest efficiency criterias.
  • In our house IE3-motors ale already in use.
  • Plants or systems with frequently changing operation points need efficient controlling schemes. These controlling schemes must ensure that the fans is always running at the optimum operation range. This is made possible by a frequency converter.
  • Efficient motors and intelligent controlls by frequency converters do not only protect the environment, but also save money for the plant operator. The plants often run for 24 hours, 365 days a year. At 8760 h/year are 1 KW saving 8760KWh per year. Operating costs drop significantly.
  • For smoke extraction motors safety is the main object. The operational safety can save lives.
  • We deliver driving power beginning at a few hundred watts up to multiple megawatts.


  • We see ourselves as a system manufacturer, that means in our understanding the fan is part of the complete plant/system.
  • Holistic regulatio, control and monitoring systems from sensor to evaluation systems not only refers to the visualization but also to the measurement.
  • In parking garages for example the supply of fresh air is controlled by carbon monoxide sensors the corresponding concentration of CO is regulated. Temperatures and smoke detectors trigger an alarm and activate the smoke extraction fans.
  • Vibrations at industrial centrifugal fans for example are consistently monitored to detect deposits at the impeller, damage at the bearings early. Maintenance can be initiated organized.


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