Structural analysis

DLK Ventilatoren GmbH is using conventional strength calculation methods as well as numerical structural analysis by FEM (Finite-Elements-Method) for the verification of the strength of the fan.

Besides the strength analysis of single components there are also complete systems being examined, which means that the interaction of different sub-assemblies will be evaluated. Within the scope of the structural analyses, joints between components, e.g. welding seams, bolted or rivet connection, are being examined concerning their strength resistance. In this regard, the determination of strengths and stresses due to thermal and mechanical loads are particular essential. Additionally, the vibration behaviour is being analysed in order to ensure an operation of the fan with a minimum vibration level.

The parameters strength and efficiencies are optimised with the help of the structural analysis during the development of new products as well as for the further development of the existing portfolio. Also the use of new materials is evaluated.

FEM-Analysis: deformation of an impeller

FEM-Analysis: comparison of stress values on a logarithmic curved blade
Stress analysis by FEM
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